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Kingston St Mary's About Us
A wooden clock in the form of the Kingston St Mary’s Church, Somerset

Welcome to our About Us page. We are two Scottish historians living and working in Glasgow. Michelle is from a long line of clock and watch makers and has always had a long interest in mechanical clocks. Miles started making wooden clock towers in 2015 using architectural scale descriptions. To date he has mostly based these on real towers and churches from his beloved home county, Somerset (UK). One of our most frequent builds has been St Michael’s tower on Glastonbury Tor.

Despite taking a break from the shop over 2017-19 for work commitments, we are now looking to expand. We are starting to make towers based on churches outside of Somerset, so if you have a tower in mind you would like created, we would be happy to look into it for you. Alongside the creation of the towers, we are also hoping to use our love of architecture to further expand our portfolio of handmade wooden clocks.

In addition to the handmade clocks, we also restore and refurbish old and unloved clocks. We acquire old, vintage, and antique clocks and either attempt to fix the clockwork movement, or provide a new battery operated movement if we acquire a case without any movement. We make a point of never, ever removing a clockwork movement and adding a battery one just for the sake of it; we absolutely hate waste and love giving new life to these mechanical objects! We are both learning mechanical clock and watch repair and hope in the future to be able to offer more of these restored mechanical clocks on our shop.

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries about anything we could make for you! We would be glad to hear from you! Visit our Etsy shop here. Otherwise Contact Us here.