St Peter’s, Evercreech Clock

Evercreech Clock

This is our handmade mahogany mantel clock based on St Peter’s Church, Evercreech, Somerset. The town of Evercreech is located near Shepton Mallet and is in the Mendips. The church tower is a fabulous mini marvel. Although late medieval in date, its superb lines make it feel almost modernist.

The Church of St Peter in Evercreech date to the 14th century, with the tower finished around 1485. The tower derives from that of St Cuthbert’s Church in Wells, but on a much smaller scale. Interestingly, the clock face on the original tower is missing the 10 o’clock hour mark (X). Instead it has 9 o’clock (IX), an 11 o’clock hour mark (XI) where we would expect the 10 o’clock hour mark to be, and then two 12 o’clock hours (XII). Apparently the commissioner of the clock was told by his wife to be home from the pub by 10 o’clock (hence why he made sure that the 10 o’clock hour mark was left out). To avoid any confusion, we have ensured our version has a proper 10 o’clock hour mark. We have also made the clock face much larger in proportion to the original, in order to make this a more useful timepiece.

This clock is an interpretation of St Peter’s but is in scale proportion. It is fitted with a battery operated quartz movement. Inside it has a flat roof and three internal shelves, two of which have doors.

The clock is 54cm tall, 19cm wide and 13.2cm deep.

The Evercreech clock in progress, prior to a final sand down and oiling.
Evercreech Clock
The Evercreech Clock complete

This clock is sold, but we kept the pattern to make another. Get in contact if you’d be interested in commissioning this or something like this.