Kingston St Mary Clock

Kingston St Mary Clock
The Kingston St Mary Clock

We based our Kingston St Mary Clock on the tower of St Mary’s Church. That’s in the village of Kingston St Mary, not far from Taunton in Somerset. It’s one of the finest late gothic towers in all of England. Architectural circles celebrate Somerset Towers as works of exceptionally high quality and design. And Kingston St Mary is one of the best. I had tremendous fun making this clock and am very pleased with the results. Its a testament to how good the actual tower is, then even its imitators look effortlessly grand. That said, I spent an awful lot of time and work making this, as each piece had to be carefully proportioned and carved. But it was worth it!

We made this clock in the first half of 2020, during the first lockdown. It gave me something to focus on, and that beautiful summer helped, as I could get in the garden to do some work on it. This clock has a simple quartz battery mechanism and a solid brass chapter ring for the dial. Then in the back we added two little compartments with hinged doors.

Kingston St Mary in progress, early Summer 2020. Although I should probably have got round to mowing the lawn.

This clock has sold, but we kept the pattern to make another. Get in contact if you’d be interested.