Small Clocks

Here you will find some examples of our ‘Small Clocks’: simpler architectural clocks and other experiments. Click on a picture below to find out more.

Gothic Tower Shelf Clock
Simple Tower Clocks

Other examples of our Smaller Architectural Clocks

Have a browse, we will add more pictures when we’re able. Feel free to get in contact if you would like to commission something like one of these, or have other ideas for an architectural clock you might like.

Simple Gatehouse Clock. This example took the form of a simple gatehouse, with very large dial. We’ve made other examples like this where we tiled the roof, and added a plinth round the base, but this is a fun, adaptable style.
This is our more elaborate Tudor gatehouse, which is tiled and has its plinth course, along with some little heraldic details. Features a gothic ‘cuckoo’ dial.
This one was an experiment using plywood with mahogany details. If we did this one again we’d probably tile the roof with mahogany veneer, but this simpler version still looked great when complete.
This was one of our odder creations – this is a box clock, but one we went all-in with with the buttresses, finials and detailing. The top opened up as a hinged lid, allowing small odds and ends to be kept inside.